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3 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is pretty miraculous stuff. A simple search on the internet will list hundreds of uses for ACV.  I have tried only 3 amazing uses for apple cider vinegar, and I have experienced fabulous results with each. 

What follows is a list of maladies I have used apple cider vinegar for, and I can personally attest to its effectiveness. 

Congestion/Sinus Infection

Last year I had a horrible cold. It hung around for a long time, progressing into a sinus infection. I had neon mucus, and my sinuses were so sore that even my teeth ached. It was miserable.

As a person who avoids doctors and medications, I was not willing to sign up for antibiotics just yet. I picked up a bottle of ACV at Fred Meyer, and started drinking it twice a day. The acidic nature of the vinegar is not my favorite taste, so I diluted it in water, and added a packet of sweetener – because, you know, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

After only 1 day of the ACV concoction, I started feeling better. My mucus cleared up, my face stopped hurting, my cough cleared up. I’d like to see antibiotics work that quickly.


3 amazing uses for apple cider vinegar

A few months ago I found a huge lump on the bottom of my son’s foot – right in the pad of his foot. I thought it was a splinter so I tried to squeeze it out. He was not happy about this – it hurt! I realized it wasn’t an infected splinter when I saw the unmistakable pore cluster of a wart in the middle of the lump.

I bought some wart remover band aids at the store, and tried to apply them to the bottom of his foot. He has the sweatiest feet I’ve ever seen, and the band aid fell off in a matter of minutes. It was supposed to stay on for 2 days at a time. 

He hated wearing them. They sting a bit as the medicated pad kills the skin on and around the wart. It was a huge fight to get him to wear the thing, and then it would just fall off, and you know he didn’t tell me about that.

This fight got old fast, and I recalled that ACV has been used to remove warts and skin tags. Why not try it out? What did I have to lose? I taped a cotton ball soaked in ACV to the bottom of his foot with waterproof tape. He only had to wear it for 20 minutes a night. It didn’t hurt, it just smelled bad, and was cold when I put it on him. Otherwise, he wore it like a champ, and didn’t complain.

We did this for a few days, and I noticed that the wart started turning a different color. Almost black. It was still attached, but we left it alone. After a bath one night, he was dancing around on the carpet, and managed to bust the wart right out of the bottom of his foot. It was disturbing. There was a large hole in the bottom of his foot, and it bled a lot. But by the next day the skin was healed cleanly, and he stopped walking on his heel.

Cradle Cap

When my boys were babies, they had horrendous cradle cap. Our daycare provider would rub their heads down with ACV, and it helped reduce the flaking, and eventually helped the cradle cap to vanish. It took a while, and their heads smelled like dirty feet… but it worked great. 

There are mixed reports on whether ACV is bad for your stomach or not. Some sources say that drinking it straight will hurt your stomach, teeth, and esophagus. Other sources say it will cure an upset tummy, whiten your teeth, and soothe a sore throat. I can say that it does irritate my throat if I use it too often, and don’t dilute it.

I only know that I will keep using it for the things I know it works on, and will continue to find new uses for it.

Do you use ACV? Do you have uses I haven’t listed here?


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