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Sometime before Christmas, I made homemade shampoo. It sucked. A LOT. I liked it for approximately 2 days, and then the back of my head started looking like a superfund clean-up site. DISGUSTING. 

“Just give it about 2 weeks and your hair will get used to it”, I said to myself.

I wore a stocking cap for the next 2 weeks so no one could see the grease. But to be completely honest, I rarely left the house. My hair never got used to it, it just kept getting slicker and more begrimed.

The day I used normal store-bought shampoo again, was one of my best hair days ever. My hair was finally pretty, clean, and bouncy! “There is something about this store-bought shampoo that is magic. I feel like a princess!”

Where did I go wrong? Most of the homemade stuff I make works great?

I know that my hair is greasy by nature.  So why… why… would I use a greasy coconut milk base? Well, being also thrifty by nature, I wanted to use the can of coconut milk I had before it expired. In hindsight, I should have looked for some other thing to use it.

It smelled fantastic. The appearance of it was pleasant. It even lathered, which I was all excited about.

This failed shampoo has been sitting in my shower where I abandoned it. It looms there reproachfully. 

I really hate wasting things. And I knew it didn’t work for my hair, but you know what… it makes a fantastic shaving cream!  

Next time I make homemade shampoo I will look for one that does not have an oil base. If I ever get up the guts to try again. Maybe I will keep buying my reasonably priced shampoo. I know that stuff works.

What about you? Have you made something with less than ideal results? Or maybe you make your own shampoo, and you have good results. I would love to hear about it!

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