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Updates From the Homestead – Winter Blues

I have a hard time with winter. Tending toward the hibernating bear syndrome. I just want to lie in bed all winter long. Alternating between Netflix and my large to-be-read book pile. Always about this time of year I start getting serious winter blues. I want to go outside… but I also really, really want to be warm.

It’s true, I hate our winters here on the coast. I would love to say that the rain doesn’t bother me, but I would probably be lying. The thing I really detest about our winters are the mildness of them. They are simply… dark, wet, and dreary.

If the seasons are going to force me through winters, I want SNOW. If there isn’t a pure cleansing of the surroundings, the landscape, then was it really winter?.


So here I am, rebelling against winter. Feeling like the daffodils in the lawn. Stretching myself up toward the fickle sun. Hoping with all my being that the temp starts climbing soon.

Everything seems to have the same idea right now. Our ornamental plum tree is in bloom, and the Camilla bush is starting to show beautiful lipstick pink petals. And as a few days ago the crocuses have broken through the ground, and my roses are blooming.

Finally today I feel like I can put some of the past behind me. I am shaking off little bits toxicity and anxiety. It’s time that I start blooming again, after a long, wet, dark winter. I’ve been dormant too long, hiding my old self in the dirt.

Earlier this week I made a big decision. I am going back to college. I have 40 credits sitting at PCC gathering dust. It’s time for me to finish what I started, so long ago.

In the next few days I will take down the bakery menu. There are so many reasons I decided to shut it down. Most of them being that I don’t necessarily enjoy it. I would prefer to offer a service or product that does not include food. And that is what I will move forward with. It took a while to decide on this, because I do really love being at the Farmer’s Market, and hearing that people enjoy my baking.

My husband is working on clearing our lower field of brush and trees. Our aim is to get the area fenced and ready for beef cows within the next year. The more we can get this land to provide for us, the better.

I’m also pining after goats, and hope to add some to the farm this spring. I’ve wanted goats for a long time, and while I may later regret this desire… I am going to need to go there.

Through the remainder of February, I will be working hard on freelance writing, and a new sewing project. I still need to plot out my garden, and build some raised beds. And all the while I will daydream of warmer weather and late nights around the fire pit. Of long runs with friends or by myself. Of sprouting vegetables, and hikes through the wild reaches of our property.

What about you? Are you struggling with the tail end of winter?

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