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The Wrong Way to Make a Wine Spritzer

Ahh, the wine spritzer. Such an elegant drink… white wine, ice cubes, fresh fruit. There are so many mix possibilities, and all of them classy: sparkling water, club soda, ginger beer. Maybe even add some candied ginger with your fruit, or a sprig of mint.

I have a long lost friend, Monica… we used to drink wine spritzer together all the time. However, we had a slightly different spin on our recipe. Years later, I realize that some may even say our approach was. I think it was more of a way to stretch the wine, or to dampen the taste of a cheap wine than anything else. All I do know is that those past drank a whole lot of ‘wine spritzers’.

We were just two friends, I in my mid-twenties; she in her early thirties, just drinking the night away, laughing our butts off. There was no responsibility of children at that point in our lives. Only our shared obsessions of wakeboarding, books, shoes, and dishing about family dynamics.

How did we make our wine spritzers? Well, we made them the wrong way. And you can too!

Wine spritzer

The Wrong Way to Make a Wine Spritzer:

  1. Make sure you have the cheapest inexpensive red wine
  2. Fill a wine glass, preferably a large one, halfway with the cheap modest red wine
  3. Pop the cap on a can of un-cola (tip: 2 liters work great too!)
  4. Pour un-cola into the glass to where your druthers takes you
  5. Drink and enjoy!

So while my version of wine spritzers is not the most refined, it is a good way to stretch a bottle, and enjoy time, and wine, with a good friend.

I haven’t seen Monica in a few years. But I think of her often, and our nights of drunken laughter will be in my memories forever.

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